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The MANA Company is a supplier of Smart Home products and solutions as well as active in the fields of software services, network, web, and mobile applications, as well as offering ERP at various levels.

We’ve refined our methodologies and talent management over the course of our ten years in this industry to support our single mission. We will successfully complete each client project by utilizing our in-depth knowledge, seasoned leadership, and tried-and-true methodologies, as stated in our clear commitment to our clients.

Our Values

Every action we take is centered on impact. We understand that achieving customer satisfaction and exceptional results requires working smarter.

We think the only way we can succeed is through teamwork. Although each of us is strong on our own, together we are unstoppable.

We are unyielding competitors in the endless game. We are intrusive and assist our clients in differentiating because we refuse to accept the status quo.

We are responsible for Trust, ownership, and commitment ourselves. We strive to improve upon the positive and the negative and take lessons from both.

We establish positive, constructive relationships with our partners, clients, and coworkers. To foster healthy growth, communication must be open and honest.

Leading and innovative in the field of information and communication technology


Activities in the field of information and communication technology Creating an economic value creation chain (from supply and production of raw materials to direct supply to the final customer) Creating effective competitive platforms and fields (trade name or brand, appropriate price and product variety) Expanding the territory to the national, regional and global levels Partnership with reputable foreign companies in the field of activity


Leading and innovative in the field of information and communication technology

Code of Ethics

We, the employees of MANA Company, believe that we are serving the nation and shareholders in the field of production and industry of the country, we believe in the following principles of behavior and moral values ​​and we will not spare any efforts to realize and institutionalize them: Believing in religious and Islamic culture and following it in one’s speech and behavior and in relation to the company’s shareholders, colleagues and clients with an emphasis on piety, justice, dignity and moderation. Adherence to moral values ​​in personal and organizational communication according to the three principles of sincerity, honesty and openness. Observance of respect, politeness and sobriety towards clients, colleagues and adherence to the culture of criticism, accountability, responsibility and mutual trust. We have started working in this field to create differences. We consider entrepreneurship as one of the company’s social responsibilities, and profitability and competitiveness as a condition for the survival of companies in the field of information technology. We are trying to create an organization that employees are proud to be a part of. Adhering to the culture of work and effort in the field of economy and production and satisfying customers, stakeholders and clients. Creativity and innovation are our serious concern and we consider the company’s sustainable growth and development in strengthening self-confidence, innovation, creativity and acquiring modern knowledge. Participating in decision-making and decision-making and joint efforts in order to achieve the company’s goals and implement its plans. Full compliance and implementation of administrative rules, regulations and rules, and avoiding any abuse of job position and discrimination in work interactions and communications, and maintaining organizational information and secrets. Committing to the correct and timely implementation of obligations and feeling responsible and belonging to the profession and organization and creating a balance between individual and organizational interests by prioritizing organizational interests. Paying attention to the position of the company and complying with the requirements, considerations, roles and legal responsibilities in relation to all relevant factors and stakeholders of the company. Promotion and development of organizational experience and knowledge as the capital of the company and sharing it with colleagues, consultants and all stakeholders within the framework of the companies’ regulations. Placing value on time and punctuality in carrying out activities and obligations and respecting the rights and time of colleagues, customers and clients. Observance of order, discipline and neatness of work environment and neatness of appearance according to Islamic culture. Optimum use of the company’s resources and facilities and prevention of extravagance and wastage by observing wise economy and eliminating unnecessary formalities.